F-16 Fighting Falcon
by servo
uploaded 2017-04-04
stock ship
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General Dynamics

F-16 Fighting Falcon

4th generation supersonic multirole light fighter

About the F-16

The F-16 is one of the cornerstones of the modern U.S. arsenal, and has been since its introduction in 1978. Since production began in 1976, over 4,500 F-16s and their variants have been produced for the U.S. military and a total of 26 foreign nations.

The F-16’s ubiquity - it’s the second most common military aircraft, and the most common fixed-wing craft in service today - is due to a number of factors. The Fighting Falcon is extremely maneuverable, thanks to relaxed static stability (designing the craft to be slightly unstable to enhance maneuverability) and fly-by-wire, advanced avionics allowing multi-target radar tracking, and a low cost-of maintenance.

F-16s have found several niches in military squadrons around the world, thanks to their extremely flexible layout - they have 17 hardpoints for bombs, missiles, and drop tanks. Additionally, F-16s currently hold the aggressor role in Red Flag war games, and are the plane of choice for Wild Weasel squadrons


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 39
  • Pure Stock

Flying the F-16

This F-16 replica is an extremely low part count replica, designed with both looks and performance in mind. Using a pair of clipped Panthers, this F-16 can punch through Mach 1.5 at sea level, and easily go Mach 3 at higher altitudes. Additionally, it is extremely maneuverable and fun to fly. As downloaded, the F-16 has only about 15 minutes of fuel (without afterburners), but it’s more than enough for a jaunt around KSC.

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