F-117A Nighthawk
by servo
uploaded 2019-11-04
(updated 2021-01-23)
stock aircraft
#stealth #fighter #nighthawk #1:1 #replica

The Legend Lives On

I’ve been reading Ben Rich’s account of his time with Lockheed’s legendary Skunkworks group, during which he saw the construction of the U-2, the SR-71, and the F-117A. So, it should be no surprise that this beast of an airplane was the next replica I took on

Take command of this full-scale replica of the plane that redefined air warfare by introducing true radar stealth to the world. Just don’t complain too loudly about the, in Ben Rich’s words, planeload of aerodynamic sins


  • Part Count: 420
  • Flight Controls:
    Trim pitch up to the first large nock (+50%) and fly without SAS.
  • Rotation speed: 70 m/s
  • Cruise speed: 200 m/s

Important updates and notes:
v.1.0 - For users of KSP 1.8 and beyond, the bomb bays will not fully deploy, as they rely on craft-file-editing techniques obsoleted in the engine update. If there is demand, I will re-release this craft using BG hinges, and maybe a Paveway or two
v.1.1 - Visual improvement pass. As some people pointed out, the cockpit shape wasn’t the most accurate, so it’s been revised. Seams have been cleaned up between panels, part count reduced slightly, and a landing gear door for the front gear has been added


Version 2.0 Major revamp

I basically redid the entire top half of this craft using flag blueprints to get accuracy to the max (one major difference: the tail fins are canted outward for flyability)

Went from 379 to 420 parts, but it’s far more accurate visually. Enjoy!

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