C-120 Meridian
by servo
uploaded 2017-06-06
stock aircraft
#stock #cargo #aircraft

How to Airdrop:

1.) Make sure that the Meridian is flying at at least 600m altitude, 1km is preferable.
2.) Use action group 8 to open the door
3.) Action group 9 deploys drogue chutes and decouples the payload. It should deploy on its own.
4.) Switch to the payload and use action group 0 to ready it for landing. Sit back and wait for it to land.

C-120 Meridian

This is the first original design that I’ve done in a while, thanks to JotD and XotD taking up that time. Not to be deterred, I took on the challenge of submitting a design to MiffedStarfish’s weekly aircraft development competition. This had to be a globe-spanning, light cargo craft capable of short takeoff and landings, and airdropping cargoes.

More than up to the task, the C-120 comes equipped with full flaps and slats, making low speed maneuvers a cinch, as well as customizable engine performance (run on 2, 4, or 6 engines).

It’s not 100% accurate to say that this is an original design, so major props to the first person to say what the design was inspired by. :)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 245
  • Pure Stock

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