Apollo 12 'Yankee Clipper'
by schwank
uploaded 2021-06-15
(updated 2021-06-15)
stock+DLC ship
#Apollo #NASA #Mun #Moon #LEM

Apollo 12 ‘Yankee Clipper’ with LM6 ‘Intrepid’ atop the Saturn V Launch Vehicle


A Stock + DLC rocket called Apollo 12 ‘Yankee Clipper’. Built with 489 of the finest parts.

This is a replica of the Apollo Spacecraft ‘Yankee Clipper’, and Lunar Module 6 ‘Intrepid’, the ‘H Class’ mission that landed men on the moon on Apollo 12, and similar to what would be used on Apollo 13 and 14. I employed some new techniques to update this Saturn V Apollo mission for 1.11.2. The LV has a realistic thrust and fuel load for the flight plan, and the main craft have more than enough fuel so you can pretty much go nuts with those. I tried to replicate the actual internal layouts of the Service Module and LM descent stages. I made some custom flags to pop the details, grab those here - https://bit.ly/3pYpb7Q

There are two sets of Action Groups, one for the Apollo spacecraft and another for the Lunar Module. Definitely review those features, there’s a lot going on. Includes full Abort modes on both craft, and all staging/ullage/etc has been properly modeled.

Flight Plan
S1 is meant to get some altitude, start gravity turn a bit later, 150m/s+. Hold prograde for S1 separation. Activate RCS prior to SII separation. Things should proceed normally until the Transposition&Docking is completed, and at that point you’ll want to disable staging on the docking port, and then fix the engine staging.

Switch Action Groups to Lander. Recommended crew load-out is 1x Scientist and 1x Engineer. The LM is ‘activated’ by hitting ‘Gear’ Action Group, but only hit it once as it toggles on the LM RCS. Once the legs are deployed, hit ‘Action Group 0’ to lock them. You’re ready to undock from the command module!

Upon touching down, shutdown RCS then engines with ‘Brakes’. Climb your Kerb out onto the porch, then deploy the MESA with ‘Action Group 2’, so the seismic exp.. er.. camera, can capture your historic steps! There’s also a door on the SEQbay on Quad 2. MESA contains imitation solar wind experiment! Stage it off then deploy the solar panel.

Transfer your science before staging off the LM and Service Module. Good luck on the Mun!

Includes onboard guidance computers for both craft, and LM comes with a surface scanner, 5x science experiments, EVA kits, and 6 pieces of surface gear.


  • Breaking Ground DLC
  • Making History DLC
  • Squad (stock)


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 489
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.11.2

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