Space Shuttle Mk.07-XT
by remkeau
uploaded 2014-12-21
stock ship
#stock #cargo #shuttle
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  • Type: VAB
  • Style: ship
  • Part Count: 208
  • Stock:
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Stock parts NASA space shuttle replica (with some liberties). Succesfull at transporting 36t (1 orange tank) of cargo in its bay to at least LKO (150km circular orbit) with some fuel for the OMS to spare. Extensively tested.


  • Both launch and return glide are heavily SAS/Vernor dependent for control due to the tail heavy engine assembly. Don’t leave space without it!

  • OMS might be used to help in glide control but not absolutely needed.

  • External tank fuel management is essential.

-SSME (mainsail) thrust should be changed depending on cargo weight and distribution.


As in ingame information pane:


-Activate stability SAS and RCS.

-stage: SSME and Boosters at 50%.

-Stage while going to 100% thrust to clear the pad.

-Slightly pull back simultaneously to prevent falling into a 270 degree heading and stabilize the craft.

  • Gently pitch back to roll into an eventual 45 degree vertical ascent.

  • Nearing booster separation (aka. empty tanks) decrease throttle to keep pitch control.

-Stage LFO boosters (using prograde heading SAS if necessary to counter the jolt.)

-Return to 100% throttle while managing apoapsis

-Pitch to horizontal upon reaching apo of 70km

-Toggle SSME with action 1 upon ET depletion. Stage and allow the two onboard fuel tanks to be used by the two OMS boosters (action 2)


Fuel management:

-First drain bottom tank (4)

-When almost empty allow fuel flow from top tank (1) and top adapters.

  • At the same time activate flow from tank 3

  • As soon as tank 1 is empty, allow tank 2 to be drained.

SSME (Mainsails) thrust:

-empty: 77

-36t: 94.5

A stock rocket called Space Shuttle Mk.07-XT. Built with 208 of the finest parts, its root part is Size3SmallTank.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 0.90.0.

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