SSTP-2000 Starmachine
by qzgy
uploaded 2017-10-10
stock aircraft


A stock aircraft called SSTP-2000 Starmachine. Built with 218 of the finest parts, its root part is fairingSize2.

Marketing and Finances decided for this aircraft not to name it after some dead dude and instead after an awesome song they heard on the YouTubes. It is the bigger brother of the ‘Benirschke’, another screaming fast SSTP utilizing the same engines, only more of them, and again located in easily accessible pods. Both of these factors reduce training fo maintenance and pilots, as it is effectively a bigger ‘Benirschke’. This time however, the engines are over the wing. It’s thought to maybe reduce noise levels from the engine, deflecting it up instead of down towards the ground. It probably wouldn’t matter though as it cruises at 1400m/s at 17800 to 18000m altitude, similar to its smaller brother. All 284 passengers (yes, capable of hauling Jumbo Jet Plus categories of people) and 3 pilots are housed in the thermos flask High-tech heat retardant fuselage to prevent over heating, reducing flight training and apparently, heart attacks. This has the unfortunate effect of killing all window space. Not to worry, as the windows are now replaced with UHD TV’s! Which can display the outside world or favorite films such as Wonder Kerbette, Kapollo 13, and Kavengers. The fuselage also utilizes quantum-kerbal storage technology. This unfortunately places some of the kerbals in this pseudo-prototype at a bit of an angle. However, Engineering is sure that this could be fixed by sitting on the floor, or rotating the cabins. Fuel is stored in the large wings to help with packing, as well as in the engine nacelles, not under the passengers. That would be unsafe. Carrying 12,560 kallons of fuel, it is plenty for a Kerbin circumnavigation, which it completes in roughly the same amount of time as its smaller slightly faster brother. Other safety features include a reduced take off speed (closer to 60 m/s instead of 80) and drogue chutes, as well as speed brakes, and effective ditching on water.

Can also self disassemble. Not covered by warranty, and Customer service will say [Redacted] if you complain about this. Or mail you some krap in the mail. I’m not sure.

Instructions for use: (You may need to timewarp quickly to get minor issues figured out.. 1.3 doesn’t like fairings…)Toggle flaps with AG1. Gun it and nose up, careful not to hit the ground. Point in direction of intended travel and climb to cruising altitude at 25 to 35 degrees. At cruising altitude, level off and activate any autopilot if necessary. Highly recommended BTW. Also probably a good idea to not use autopilot for directional changes. For landing, drogue chutes are included as well as speed brakes, activated by AG2. Useful for landing. Try to get onto the ground before 40 m/s.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 218
  • Pure Stock
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