by psychorabbi
uploaded 2018-05-08
stock spaceplane
#ssto #spaceplane #practice #simple #failsafe

Basic SSTO for all beginner’s needs! Affordable, robust, stable, easy to fly, no pilot license required!
She can:
- demonstrate you how to do the orbit pretty easy in nearly unattended manner! (*read guide ‘How to do the orbit by Basic SSTO’ first)
- help you with honing your rendezvous and docking skills with its decent amount of fuels when in orbit!
- do Minmus in style! (and even go back with some careful calculations in mind and bit of planning)
- huge (*for her mass) lifting surfaces and well thought airbrake position allows you to test different reentry profiles without any losses!
- decent customization potential! Swap those MP tanks with ‘Terriers’ and gain even more deltaV for same vessel mass or drop that docking port and put Some Science Stuff instead for some quick science bucks!

Step-by-step guide ‘How to do the orbit by Basic SSTO’

  1. Activate SAS by pressing ‘T’
  2. Push ‘Space’ (to go to the space, that’s pretty obvious)
  3. Wait till plane leave runway.
  4. Push G to raise your landing gear.
  5. Wait till you’ll rise up to 35000 m high.
  6. Aim to yellow ‘prograde’ marker at navball.
  7. Wait till apoapsis will rise up to desired altitude.
  8. Shutdown engine by pushing ‘1’
  9. Wait till you reach apoapsis.
  10. Aim to yellow ‘prograde’ marker at navball. Again.
  11. Push ‘1’ to start the engine.
  12. Wait till periapsis will rise up to desired altitude.
  13. Push ‘1’ to shutdown the engine.

*Thirteen steps is purely coincident, the vessel is completely safe!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 38
  • Pure Stock
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