by no_intelligence
uploaded 2018-01-21
stock ship
#vostok #ussr #russia #stock #replica


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 253
  • Pure Stock

Vostok Ship with Vostok-K Rocket

A stock rocket called Vostok. Built with 253 of the finest parts, its root part is landerCabinSmall.

Vostok, a famous name and manned spacelaunch system with parts never meant to get into orbit or carry a man there.
Developed from the R-7 intercontinental missile rocket and the early spy satellite ‘Zenit’, Vostok took the first human not only into space, but also into orbit on it’s first manned flight, with Yuri Gagarin aboard on the 12th April 1961.
Five more missions followed, and they also marked the record for the first group-flight and put the first woman into space.
None of the Vostok missions failed, all Kosmonauts returned back to earth safely, even when some (not minor) problems with various systems occured.

The Vostok rocket is the basis for every following soviet/russian rocket that was used to put humans into space, and from the Vostok capsule they developed a wide variety of satellites and also the Voskhod spacecraft. Overall Vostok can be called a huge success.

My version utilizes the first/booster stage of my Soyuz, with slightly less powerful engines. The upper stage and Vostok itself is a complete new design.
It is a pleasure to fly, but I recommend to perform the gravity turn just after the boosters seperated. The system is quite powerful and can very easy archieve LKO with still having more than half the fuel to spend in the upper stage. After the retrograde burn the capsules engine module still also holds more than half of its fuel, so you might be able to put it in an orbit anywhere around Kerbin you like.
The extendable antennas of Vostok are set to toggle on ‘1’, and unlike the original, my version uses parachutes on the capsule and doesn’t eject the Kosmonaut.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.

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