verne gun1
by newgenome
uploaded 2015-10-09
stock ship
#stock #massdriver #cannon #interplanetary #spacegun
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introducing the Verne Gun, a cannon capable of launching a Mk1 capsule projectile to Kerbin from the surface of Duna. Capable of launching the same projectile at escape velocity from all airless rocks except Tylo. Only works once on Duna, reusable in vacuum.

How to launch from Duna to Kerbin

  1. Get cannon to Duna highest point on Duna, hyperedit is the preferred method for doing this. For best results locate cannon at Lat: 20.8784351041417 and Lon: 253.230559192174. This way the cannon will be angled at ~ 79 degrees, which helps minimize the plane change delta V
  2. Warp to Duna-Kerbin transfer window with the cannon facing retrograde to Duna’s orbit
  3. Adjust throttle to 2.5 ticks below 100. For less lag adjust the oxidizer level int the big tank to be about 100.
  4. Make sure the launch area is completely clear of craft, activate SAS, hold down ‘2’ and then press ‘]’.
  5. If everything is working correctly KSP will lag up, you will switch over to the projectile, and the cannon will immediately go on rails and explode
  6. Immediately stabilize the projectile so the shock intake is facing up
  7. Once above the atmosphere, immediately set your target as kerbin and burn radially or anti-radially to set the inclination with kerbin to zero
  8. set periapsis with kerbin to about 37 km to aerobrake, rinse repeat, deploy chutes and you’ve made it to kerbin!

Things to keep in mind for designing new projectiles and cannons

The way engine exhaust thrust works in KSP is by applying a force equal to the engine’s thrust to any part along a ray cast from the center of the engine bell(or in the case of the mammoth engine bells). For the Kerbodyne rhino, this ray is about 8 girder segments long. For projectile design this means that the part that is hit by all the ray casts from the engines will have an enormous force on it, which means strut it up! For projectiles, the projectile must be decoupled at the same time the cannon is fired. Again this means that the docking port on the projectile must have the decouple(not dock) action group set to the same action group that fires all the engines.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.04

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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 497
  • Pure Stock
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