OSP Mk3 Firebird
by nestor_d
uploaded 2015-07-14
mod spaceplane
#Heavy #SSTO #Cargo #spaceplane #VTOL
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I made an uptdated version of this craft for 1.1.x using the new OPT parts and Procedural Wings instead of B9 Procedural Parts which can be found here https://kerbalx.com/nestor_d/OSP-Mk31-Firebird the new version is fitter with a drill and ISRU converter making it basically SSTA, although it doesn’t have any cargo capabilities (the converter could be removed though)

Heavy cargo SSTO spaceplane with VTOL capabilities for any celestial body with 0.5 or less of Kerbin’s gravity (VTOL thrusters provide a 0.73 TWR fully loaded).

1500 dV to orbit with a 10ton payload. Heavier payloads not yet tested. It will probably carry more than 10t, but 10t is about as much as will fit in there anyway.

Rover sold separately

Action groups:

1 = Toggle turboramjets

2 = Toggle linear aerospike

3 = Open VTOL thruster bays

4 = Toggle VTOL Thrusters

5 = Toggle cargo bay

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.4.

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  • B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts
  • MechJeb 2
  • OPT Space Plane Parts
  • Squad (stock)
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 129
  • Mods: 4
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