Mark 20 SSTO Fighter
by ncc_42
uploaded 2017-03-26
stock spaceplane

The TPPI Mark 20 is an advanced fighter featuring supermaneuverability, high thrust-to-weight ratio, and great versatility. It has a wide array of mission profiles, being able to:

Intercept targets in air or space
Gain and maintain air superiority
Strike targets on the ground, anywhere on Kerbin
Escort high-value craft all the way to orbit
Perform reconnaissance missions over highly defended airspace

It features an advanced homing missile designed by letmeparkthatforyou, capable of striking air, ground, or (if carefully guided) space targets. It features an internal weapons bay, but due to its high lift, it can also easily carry more weapons on wing pylons.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 107
  • Pure Stock

It is recommended that any pilots read the brief instructions below before attempting to fly this craft.


Before a mission, CAREFULLY tweak fuel values. The Mark 20’s fuel values are currently optimized for an orbital mission, and so atmosphere-only flights will likely necessitate a different fuel configuration. Make sure the CoM and CoL are properly aligned as they were when the craft is here.

SSTO Ascent:

The ascent profile is very flexible, but it is generally better to have an extended air-breathing phase due to the craft’s low TWR in closed-cycle mode.

Atmospheric Flight:

For cruising at high efficiency, switch off the RAPIER and go to full throttle. The Mark 20 cruises best at around 12 km, but it can go much higher, especially with the RAPIER on. Use of smooth controls (caps-lock by default) or a flightstick is highly recommended for high-speed flight, as this is a supermaneuverable fighter and is, as such highly aerodynamically unstable. For extreme maneuvers, enable the leading-edge slats and make sure all three engines are on full (for maximum thrust-vectoring torque). The RAPIER can be turned to closed-cycle for extra torque at low speeds if needed.

Weapons Operation:

First, set the staging properly to arm the missile. Open the bay doors, click control from here on the missile, and then stage to fire. You should be controlling the weapon. Select your target, then use the SAS target-lock to home in. Stage again to activate the additional engines. If SAS does not get the job done or the target is performing hard maneuvers, it may be needed to manually control the missile.

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