Space Shuttle Prometheus
by mart_nl73
uploaded 2016-04-17
stock spaceplane
#space #shuttle #stock #nasa


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: Spaceplane
  • Part Count: 157
  • Mods: all stock
  • Crew: 4 (optional 6)


Space Shuttle Prometheus. Build in KSP 1.1 using only stock.

Launch profile

(See me launch )

Default setup has main engines in first stage, and launch clamp release and solid rocket booster ignition at second stage.

Press space, wait for stabilizing of craft a bit, press space again and blast off !

For realistic 90 deg roll manoeuvre: Begin your turn almost directly after launch, at speeds around 20 m/s - 80 m/s

Aim for a gravity turn that puts you at about 50 - 60 deg on a 90 deg heading and keep it there. It should stick. If it doesn’t you started your roll too late.

At about 3 km altitude throttle back to about 60% thrust.

Around 7 km, your prograde marker should be pointing close to 90 deg and you can activate SAS on prograde.

When you reach 12 km or so, you can put it at full throttle again. If it get to reddish, just throttle back if you like.

If above that, say around 15 km your gravity turn can be easily 10 - 20 degrees.

Wait for solid rocket boosters to burn out, and make sure you have SAS on at prograde marker before you do.

Depending on your angle and speed, you are now about 18 - 20 kms up.

Burn to your desired altitude. Usually I tested anything between 75 and 120 km.

The external tank will hold enough fuel for you to circularize orbit. But I like to cut engines when my Periapsis is between 20 and 50 km so we know the tank will burn on reentry and we clean up after ourselves.

Once the tank is decoupled, you’ll notice the oms (10 Puff Monopropellant engines) will activate automatically, be sure to hit key 2 now, which will turn off the 3 main engines. They won’t work without fuel anyway of course, and are not meant to operate without external tank. Turn on your RCS if you didn’t already!

Take into account when you make your node and burn, you’ll switch from 3 main engines to 10 puff monoprop engines that effects your burn time and node execution.

Also mind: - If you have payload that has RCS on it, disable those and also disable fuel tanks you carry. - My test space station is at 115 km up. It can reach that easily but can not return with enough monopropellant. It is wise to have monopropellant in your cargo bay for that, or better yet, put a lot of RCS up on the station like I did.

Land profile

Best if your orbit is as circular as possible. Burn retro before you reach the desert lands that come before KSC comes. Burn until your projected point of impact is at the east coast of the land where KSC is on.

Now you can turn on the prograde SAS so you are pointing the right direction. After turning and pointing east with your nose, pull up your nose and keep it around 20 deg.

It has a docking port on front which has bigger heat resistance than the aerodynamic nose cone. Therefor, you should not burn up and nothing heats up too much. Keep nose around 15 - 25 deg angle while checking the mapview every so often to check where your projected landing (or crash) will be.

When you see the line move in on KSC, point your nose up to 40 deg or more so you won’t overshoot too much. If you overshoot, don’t worry wait until your speed is low enough you can nose dive down after you are past KSC. Usually below 300 m/s but you will have to try yourself what works best.

I find an approach altitude of about 4 - 5 kms when I’m about 15 kms away from the landing strip the best altitude to aim for.

This craft was built during the pre-release phase of KSP more info
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