Kermansky VK-02 "Kraken Killer"
by letmeparkthatforyou
uploaded 2017-07-21
stock aircraft
#Helicopter #Stock #DualRotor #Turboshaft

The Kraken Killer

Kermansky Kerman shed a tear as his first Dual-Rotor Turbo Shaft entered production. This Kopter means business, it is the fastest, most stable, and most durable Kermansky Heli to roll off the line. Cruising speeds of around 75-85 m/s and a top speed of around 115 m/s on full throttle. The Kraken Killer’s VTOL engines produce approximately 540kN of lift. MINI VERSION NOW AVAILABLE If you watch closely, you might see the Kraken Killer viciously attack a helpless Vehicle Assembly Building
Shares the same engine with the Kermansky Gyramachina


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 224
  • Pure Stock


This craft will levitate while afterburning the VTOL engines. The 4 forward-movement engines are broken into 2 Action Groups for more options. The afterburner button will toggle all engines. This craft can cruise with all 6 engines not afterburning at around 75 m/s level flight

1. Release Turbo Shafts
2. Toggle Vertical Engine
3. Afterburners (lift off w/only VTOL engines)
4. Toggle 2 of 4 forward engines
5. Toggle the other 2 forward engines

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