Kermanbilt 10x10 & Trailer
by letmeparkthatforyou
uploaded 2017-06-06
stock rover
#BigRig #Tow #Trailer #FreePivot #Truck

Kermanbilt, probably trust.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 260
  • Pure Stock

Take control of the smart trailer after staging and drive right into your new jet-assisted 10x10 Big Rig! Hit the FreePivot on the hitch and drive as fast as you’re willing to risk! ___________________

*warranty void if drivin' over 5 m/s


1) Toggle Jet Assist engines
2) Toggle Jet Afterburners
4) Toggle Fuel Cells
5) Trailer load-mode

Admittedly, even in Free Pivot mode, the claw doesn’t turn as much as I would like but was also more than what I expected! The included trailer is a Smart Trailer, aka a separate self-sufficient-rover. It’s more maneuverable on its own for parking than any truck could manually park it, so the limited claw range acts as a friendly limiter instead of a clumsy burden. The claw-hitch-system has the advantage of making your craft ONE vehicle, this lets you take advantage of any attached wheel motors/brakes and/or added engines that might be on your trailer! This Rig has unlimited range on electricity or fuel as it packs an entire processioning kit with drills. The truck alone is 154 parts.

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