Katyusha Rocket Launcher Truck (w/FreePivot)
by letmeparkthatforyou
uploaded 2017-05-17
stock rover
#Katyusha #RocketLauncher #Truck

Katyusha Rocket Launcher

Finally, destroy EVERYONE in a 360 degree radius. No. Mods. Required.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 318
  • Pure Stock

Simple Instructions

Stage once to activate power banks for vehicle movement and to set the weapons rack down onto the vehicle. At this point you will have 2 separate craft. Switch to the weapons rack and control from the probe core at the front. Activate SAS and you now have 360 degree free firing capabilities. If you right click the claw at the center, you can select Free Pivot to have even greater range of movement.

Press 2 to dump the counterweight ore at the front of the weapons rack when needed.

Remember to set throttle to full before launching rockets for full speed shots.

Press 1 to open the doors.

You may notice the lone docking port at the rear, if you so choose to dock here you may never ever undock again or you will suffer a catastrophic malfunction.
Warranty void if docked.

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