Stefan 3
by kot_behemot
uploaded 2015-07-15
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #SSTM #interplanetary #plane #Nuke
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Stefan 3z by kot_behemot on Sketchfab

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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 91
  • Stock:
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  • Medium docking port
  • Cargo bay
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Multipurpose SSTO made of stock parts. 1.0.4 compatible. When piloted right, capable of having 1400-1500 m/s of deltaV to spare on Kerbin orbit, which enables it to reach Minmus on one tank. When completely refuelled in space, has ~4500 m/s deltaV to spare.

Ascent guide

Start with rapiers in open cycle + turbojets. Immediately after takeoff, pitch to about 35 degrees. At around 8200 m of altitude, you should be travelling at about 320 m/s srf speed. Start to level the plane at that point. It should be completely level at about 9400 m of altitude. Then you should keep accelerating to about 850 m/s srf speed. At that point, pitch it gently (to avoid aerodynamic failure) to about 25 degrees upwards. Continue ascent until the jets start flaming out. It should happen at over 22 km altitude and at that point you should be going at 1000-1150 m/s of srf speed. At that point switch the rapiers to closed cycle and start the nukes. Continue ascent at 25 degrees of pitch until your apoapsis goes over 70 km. Shortly after that your oxidizer should be depleted an you should be running solely on the nukes. When your apo is over 70, pitch to about 10 degress downwards (below the horizon) and turn on SAS stabilization (it’s the final circularizing manouver - you should have about 1:30 minutes to the apoapsis). If everything goes well you should have a nice circular orbit and over 1400 m/s dV to spare after a few minues.

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