combination safe
by klond
uploaded 2017-12-31
stock ship
#mechanical #lock


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 578
  • Pure Stock

I commissioned a safe from my buddy Castille7 @ Sector7 Space Laboratories, and boy did he deliver!
What’s inside?
No peeking!
Required - One crew member. Have Bill mount the command chair in the middle of the dial.
Suggested - Full throttle before staging.
At no point is craft switching needed. And no peeking inside unless you can’t figure out the combo. Please don’t post combination in the comments.
I installed a combo lock just like the one’s we had in school. Have your kerbal turn dial full twice to the right. You’ll feel added resistance as the 2nd and 3rd wheels engage. Set first number. Go all the way around once to the left. Set the second number, then go right straight to the 3rd. Gravity will put latch down if you are correct. Door will open by gravity too via shitty hinges. Two full turns to the right to start over at anytime.
Can you crack the safe combination by feel, like an old timey professional crook?
Can you get the door closed again (no craft switching, remember)?
Can you get door to relock and combo reset!?
Lemme know how you did.
KSP version 1.3.1.

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