by klond
uploaded 2018-11-18
stock ship

This is the pared-down version of the yet-unreleased Lightyear Blimp. This is about 500 fewer parts which is way more enjoyable.
Major props to Erasmusguy and anyone else who shared kraken drives.
Pure stock! Zero modded files. Ya’ll know me.
Unit does contain multiple kraken drives though -made by pushing decoupled parts into exposed landing gear. The kraken drives are variable by having elevons push and pull on the decoupled parts. I’m so very excited to show everyone the fruits of my labor.
-since craft is cursed, if explosions occur just reload. :/
-tab to this part ——————————————————————————->
-make sure SAS is enabled and click RADIAL OUT, then push BUTTON 0.
-If you tab back to this part later you’ll have to hit RADIAL OUT again, or bad news bears.
-Tab back to main craft. Fly like a normal plane.
G to pull up landing gear and ladder as normal.
Button 1 toggles thrust reversers.
Button 6 and 7 enable rear turning jets (left/right) for sharper turning at speed.
Button 8 shuts off all turning jets.
Pull back to lift up, push forward to go down as you would a plane.
Toggle Brake button to decrease buoyancy and/or to hold to the ground.
SAS should hold altitude somewhat depending on the windspeed and local humidity :)
Built with 354 of the lightest weight parts in KSP version 1.5.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 354
  • Pure Stock

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