VAB crane
by klond
uploaded 2016-09-25
(updated 2017-04-27)
stock ship
#crane, #construction, #equipment


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 375
  • Pure Stock

Yes, we can lift vehicles to the top of the VAB!
Note: This is a single-purpose machine. Other uses may induce frustration.
Almost 650 tons. Large parts were used to keep total part count lower. CPU still takes a hit. Yuge bearings had to be fabbed to hold the largest diameter support shaft we could make. Any resemblance to a cannon is coincidence. Reliability? What reliability?
Turn on SAS (helps with vibration and bounce).
Press 1 to activate all of the fuel cells for power generation for the wheels.
Drive to location if runway doesn’t explode (zig-zagging is faster, and brakes work better than reverse for stopping, who knew?)
Then stage.
Front will lightly drop. Use [ or ] to change focus.
Move fuel to teeter-totter unit (Right-click a fuel tank, then alt-right-click a second tank). There’s an empty tank up front for lowering unit quicker.
The vehicle in the demo video being lifted to the VAB roof is my nearly 15ton forklift.
The crane from the video is still in the background of the photos for scale.
Edit: Added a cap on the giant bearings: Under extreme conditions shaft was popping out the top. Oops.
Edit2: Moved tap/bounce wheel back further. Adjusted bearings. Doubled-up lil end caps.
Update Apr. 2017 for rigid attachment and autostrut. Rebuilt rear section to prevent destruction when loading.
KSP version 1.2.2.

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