Apollo Spacecraft [Saturn V]
by kljlalglml
uploaded 2015-04-12
stock lander
#replica #stock #apollo
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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 327
  • Stock: 100% Stock
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NOTE: Only put crew in the pod at launch; the lander cannot safely land on Kerbin - On LES separation, explosions are normal and only damage aesthetic parts - On capsule separation, do not worry about the debris exploding - Only the service module has any power generation (RTGs); the lander only uses a LOT of batteries to feed its probe core

Built to look like and function like the real Apollo spacecrafts, this craft uses three stages to get to orbit. Once it orbit, the stage that pushed into orbit pushes it to the Mun. Then, when on the proper trajectory, the CSM (Thing attached to the capsule) undocks from that stage (there is a small docking port under the Skipper engine). Then you switch back to the stage with the lander and right click on a small part right under the docking port and click decouple node. That part is something you can’t see very well but it is another docking port (the one that will be used to dock (the first one was just to get rid of the engine shroud)). It has a small clickable hit box but it is there. Now, switch back to the CSM and dock to the lander and decouple it from the stage that got the craft on the trajectory to the Mun. Once at the munar periapsis, use the engine on the CSM to slow down into orbit. Then transfer two crew members into the lander and undock it. Once the lander has landed, shutdown the engine. When you liftoff again, do NOT use the landing stage. Instead decouple that stage and fly up with the next stage into orbit. That stage should also perform the rendezvous, but the CSM will do the actual docking as it is the one with the RCS (one major difference between this craft and real life). Once docked, transfer the crew back to the CSM and undock the lander. Now, if you want, you can deorbit the lander and crash it into the Mun. Now, with the CSM alone, perform a burn to get home. On reentry, decouple the capsule from the rest of the craft. Next, deploy the parachutes for a safe and soft landing or splashdown on Kerbin. HAPPY LAUNCHINGS!

Built in the VAB in KSP version 0.90.0 with 327 parts and a decent amount of safe part clipping (more flush docking ports and a functional service module (part of Command and Service Module (CSM))).


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