Kamov Ka-29
by kiwipapaya
uploaded 2020-06-11
(updated 2020-06-13)
stock+DLC aircraft
#kamov #Ka-29 #helicopter #stock #BreakingGround

Medium Utility/attack helicopter. Tandem rotors reduce size as well as risk of kerbals accidentally walking into the tail rotor.



1: engages/disengages the motors and deploys/undeploys the blades.

Main throttle: motor torque.

Vertical Translation (I and K by default): controls the collective pitch of the blades.

Brakes: Stops the motors from spinning, use with caution as they stop abruptly and may cause an accident.

~Start-up process:

-First press 1 to start the engines and deploy the blades. At first the blades will be at max collective, reduce it with I. Activate SAS.

-Once the blades are at 0% collective, throttle up the engines with shift.

-Wait for both engines to be at max RPM and then slowly raise the collective pitch with K. You should take off in no time.


-Changed to an all-electric version, range should theoretically be unlimited now (provided that you fly it inside an atmosphere). Warranty time doubled if you fly it on another celestial body other than Kerbin.

-Fixed some discrepancies with the real craft, enhanced stability (slight yawing to the right has been corrected)

-Added another hatch that allows kerbals to go in and out of the craft, to use simply transfer crew between the cockpit and the pod at the back of the helicopter.

-Added two Juno jet engines that produce no thrust but create the closest I could find to a turbine sound.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 112
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.9.1

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