SSTMLAB Transport
by katateochi
uploaded 2018-07-17
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #MunLander #crewtransport

SSTMLAB Transport

Single Stage To Mun Landing And Back
Crew Transport Variant


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 97
  • Pure Stock

This is based on the original SSTMLAB science craft, but is smaller and with more available dV in orbit it has a greater margin for error. This variant is designed to take 10 Kerbals to the surface of Mun or Minmus and return to KSC.
Unlike the SSTMLAB science craft it doesn’t have any science gear or rover so has a lower part count, but it has same design style and VTOL munar landing capabilities.

The cost to fuel this craft is 9,688 and with a crew capacity of 10 that means it costs under 1k funds per Kerbal to take them to the surface of Mun or Minmus and bring them safely home. Ideal for tourist contracts!


This craft has more tolerance for error than its counter part, but it still requires careful and efficient piloting. For instructions on ascent and Mun landings (and how to switch to VTOL mode) see the Flight section in the original SSTMLAB description

Optional TAC Life support

The craft is built to work with the TAC Life Support mod. If you use Configurable Containers and TAC life support there are a set of tanks that will contain life support resources. If you don’t have Configurable Containers they’ll just contain more fuel.

Nestled around the front VTOL engine are two tanks containing food, water and oxygen and in the aft service bay is a container for waste resources. Enough LS for 72 days with the full crew of 10.

(pics from the science SSTMLAB, but the design is the same)

The Nose Cone

The nose cone does more than just look awesome, it contains a Communotron 16 antenna, an avionics hub (just because) and a probe core so the craft is controllable if the pilot passes out, or goes for a stroll on Mun. The nose cone also can be used as a self-destruct device, right click on the fairing base and click deploy and very little will be left intact.

EVA Limitation

There is an annoying issue about going EVA from this craft. Although the cockpit and front passenger section hatches are visually clear, the game thinks they are obstructed. You can go EVA from the front passenger hatch if you open the VTOL bay doors [AG:3], but the nose cone design blocks the cockpit hatch, the rear passenger hatch works as expected.

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