by katateochi
uploaded 2015-12-09
stock rover

A rover for deploying 3 markers leading up to the runway to help you get lined up before the runway is visible

Step 1

Turn on SAS and drive forward to the edge of the runway (craft is facing the otherway round to normal so just tap w a little)
At the edge hit stage to drop a measuring marker (this will get cleared away later)

Step 2

Set the dropped marker as your target and start driving forwards again (slowly is best). Steering is disabled and large SAS modules should help you stay on a perfectly straight line. Use the measuring marker to gauge your distance to the runway.

Step 3

At 500m come to a stop and hit action group 1 and then space to deploy first marker.

Step 4

Repeat at intervals of your choosing (action groups 2 and 3 deploy legs on the other 2 markers respectively).

Keep zooming out to make sure you’re staying nice and inline with the runway and deployed markers. Once they’re all deployed you can enable steering by hitting R

Then rename your markers as you want (I just use |, ||, |||)

Now you can find your way even in thick cloud and be nicely lined up as you come screaming out of the sky

Special shout out to PixeLabs who built the aircraft shown above specially for me!

download it here

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