by katateochi
uploaded 2016-05-07
mod spaceplane
#SSTO #Taildragger #Mun #LiquidOnly

Retro-Fi MkII - Long Range Taildragger style SSTO

This is a Liquid fuel only, long(ish) range variant of the Retro-Fi. It can reach a 100km Mun orbit and return home.


  • MechJeb 2
  • Squad (stock)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 47
  • Mods: 2

Take off and Ascent

Select control from here on the rear cockpit (this is v important)

SAS on, stage and hit [2] to disable the LV-N engines, throttle up and about half way down the runway hit [3] to extend flaps.

Once airbourne raise the flaps [3] and set pitch to 10 degrees. (recommend using mechjeb SmartASS to control pitch). Stay at a pitch of 10 until you reach a surface speed of 1000-1100m/s and then pitch up to 30 degrees. Pitch up smoothly but fairly quickly, use the incremental control on the SmartASS and increase by about 3 degrees per second.

As you start to lose acceleration (at around 19km) fire up the LV-N’s [2], remain at a pitch of 30. As you climb your vertical acceleration will drop (and may even dip below 0 for a bit). Just keep at this pitch and keep going. As vertical acceleration starts to increase again start gradually lowering the pitch. You’ll end up with a very wide ascent orbit by the time the Ap reaches 100km (and Pe will probably be at ~20km, so will only require a very short burn to circularize. While coasting to the AP, transfer all the fuel out of the side tanks into the central tanks (don’t add fuel lines!! fuel lines cause a lot of drag and will reduce the available dV once in orbit by about 3-400m/s!)

You should be able to reach 100km LKO with between 1700-1800m/s dV spare.

Open the service bay [4] once in orbit (it contains it’s solar panels.

Transfer to Mun

With 1700m/s dV you will have enough to transfer to Mun and park in a 100km orbit and should have about 600m/s spare for the trip home.

Return from Mun

When transfering back from Mun, aim for a Pe of 42km and reenter with a pitch of 80. That should bring your orbit down to about 400km with enough fuel left to make adjustments to target your landing site.

With the LV-N engines it’s very rear heavy and needs to touch down as gently as possible. tap brakes before coming into land to extend flaps for a bit more lift.

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