by katateochi
uploaded 2017-01-09
stock ship

Dakar 2017 Entry

This rover was built for the Dakar 2017 forum challenge. It’s ugly, it lacks style or any kind of aesthetic appeal, but it is tough….like really tough…and for a pure electric design, it’s fairly fast.

In all testing and runs of the Dakar rally the only part to break off has been the nose cone (which is unimportant). It can literally be flung down hillsides without taking damage. Has SAS to help right it if it rolls over, in some cases you need to just double tap 1 to lower and raise the rollcage to help roll it back over.

It has a refueling cart (comes attached) which slides under it and docks. Drive the cart under and lower it’s gear and it should dock. Hit action group 0 to release the cart (the springs in the wheels should shunt it out of the way).


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 50
  • Pure Stock

On the flat it can do 50m/s and has very good acceleration, due to it’s triple tread rear and dual tread front wheels, but that also means it burns through electricity. Runs on a fuel cell with an oscar B tank. Half a tank is enough for a single stage of the Dakar Rally.

Completed the Dakar Rally in 1h, 23m, 49s and only lost 1 part (the nose cone).

Uncut vid of Dakar run:

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