Project 6
by katateochi
uploaded 2017-01-09
stock ship

Dakar 2017 Entry

Very tough jet and electric propelled rover for the Dakar 2017 forum challenge. Fast and fun to drive.

Pictures show the rover with sponsorship badges (added with NEBULA decals mod), but the download is without badges (as sharing the custom badges is a pain).

Pic on left is without badges.

Landing gear based rollcage makes it very resistant to damage, but adds drag. With the rollcage up top speed is about 80m/s, with the rollcage down the top speed is 110m/s. AG 1 toggles the rollcage.

Uses a service bay as it’s boost flaps, to quickly cut thrust from the Juno engines without having to wait on the spool-up/down time of the Junos. Service bay is toggled with the brakes. Holding brakes will close the doors until you release the brakes. Tapping the brakes will shut the doors until you tap the brakes again. Service bay can also be toggled with the RCS key.

Note on driving this:
Don’t drive in normal staging mode as the SAS will cause it to pitch forward with W. Either use your own custom keys for driving which don’t control SAS input or (my preferred way) drive in docking mode (with a minor change to key bindings to enable WASD for wheel control when in docking mode).

Ran the Dakar rally in 55m, 13s and only lost one of it’s front bumpers.

Comes with a refuelling cart attached, hit AG-0 to decouple it.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 98
  • Pure Stock

Uncut video of running the Dakar 2017:

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