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by katateochi
uploaded 2015-09-08
stock ship






Page Layout Interface

Way Easier To Use

Drag and Drop Interface

Much MOAR Flexible

Overlap images with text or other images

Still uses familiar Forum-Style BBcode and/or Markdown syntax, but lets you resize and move things around much more easily

Change font size and color easily

There is a new interface for customizing your craft’s page.

It is more intuitive to use and gives you better control on where you place things.

Drag and Drop

Just drag things around the page to reposition them, or grab their corners to resize them.

Place things where you want, including over each other.

Font & Background Color Picker

You can set the font and/or background color for a container from a color picker menu.
And overall fontsize can be controlled via a slider.
You can still use [size] & [color] tags to control specific words/phrases

Customizable Thumbnail

Select which picture to use as the thumbnail for the craft


Indicators that remind you what still needs adding to the page (ie: pictures, action group info).

Better Help

As in, there actually is some this time! ;)

It’s Still Markdown & BBcode

You still use the same syntax you use on either the Forum or Reddit, but you can control where things are much more easily.

Basically, it’s just better

mostly, but it’s still sorta alphaish-beta

So it’s not enabled by default.

Currently new and existing craft will still use the original interface.

If you want to try the new interface, go to one of your craft, click Edit Craft in the header and then at the bottom of the edit page there will be a link to update that craft to use the new interface.

  • You can always revert to the original interface if you want
  • Upgrading one craft to the new interface won’t affect your other craft

Leave any comments about the new edit interface in the comments section on this page.

*don’t bother downloading this craft! It’s just one of the stock ones.

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