CT-Heavy MkII
by katateochi
uploaded 2018-08-18
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stock spaceplane
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SSTO with 67 ton cargo capacity


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 140
  • Pure Stock


Based on the (now retired) CT-Heavy, the MKII outdoes the original in several ways; greater payload capacity, the MK II can take 67 tons to 100km orbit (the MKI was rated for 49 tons) and has a longer cargo bay. Part count and drag have been reduced. But the best new feature; a crazy ejection system for the cockpit.

Easy to fly

Take off and pitch up to 10 degrees, maintain that pitch until you reach about 1200m/s and then pitch up to 15 degrees. Keep going until you start to loose thrust and switch engine mode [AG2], carry on until Ap reaches 100km.

Ejection System

The ejection system is somewhat unconventional and doesn’t use parachutes. The cockpit, which is clipped into the main fuselage, pops up when the abort key is pressed. It has two small wings which give it just enough lift and control to be able to glide down for a safe (although bumpy landing).

After ejecting, pitch down and gain some speed, then start to level off and glide over the ground, using slight upward pitch to reduce speed until you reach a safe touch down speed (~40m/s). Can land on ground and water.

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