by katateochi
uploaded 2017-01-09
(updated 2018-05-31)
stock spaceplane
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Factory Recall Issued!!!

If you’re in 1.4.x, a certain combination of mods (I’m not sure which ones) result in a horrible issue with this craft. Part of it will get frozen in place when reaching orbit, resulting in complete obliteration.

49 Ton Cargo SSTO

Updated for 1.4.3:


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 210
  • Pure Stock

The CT-Heavy is rated to take 49 tons to 120km LKO and it comes with a free MkIV EVA-Pack for maneuvering it’s payloads into place.

Due to the cockpit design, crew cannot exit from the cockpit hatch, instead there is a mk1 command pod inside the cargo bay which they can transfer to in order to go EVA (not quite the same as pictured).

I’ve been using this as my primary craft for taking station modules to LKO. This station was assembled entirely by modules brought up with the CT-Heavy.

Ascent Profile

Take off and pitch to 10 degrees. Maintain pitch until surface speed is 1000m/s and then increase pitch to 15 degrees.
Hold that pitch until you start to lose thrust and then switch engine mode.

At this point it depends a bit on cargo weight:
For heavy loads it helps to pitch up to 20 degrees until the Ap reaches 40km and then gradually reduce the pitch again.

With light loads you can remain on a pitch of 15 until the Ap reaches 50km and then gradually reduce pitch to 0 by the time the Ap reaches 70km.

With a 49 ton payload you should be able to reach LKO with about 300dV spare (before deploying payload).

Reentry is simple; reenter at a pitch of 20 and enjoy the ride! Recommend landing at 100m/s or a bit faster, and touch down gently!

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