by katateochi
uploaded 2016-12-16
(updated 2018-05-31)
stock spaceplane


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 100
  • Pure Stock

The CT-4C-LR is the sister ship to the CT-8-LR, this variant has a lower crew capacity but a larger cargo bay. Otherwise almost identical in range and capabilities, reaching LKO with around 2400m/s dV spare it has been used to transport small cargo to Minmus bases, deploy satellites around Mun and carry a micro lander to Duna (which is the payload it comes with).

The default payload (included) is a very lightweight, two man monopropellant powered Duna lander which is able to deorbit from 100km, land and then return to 100km with fuel spare for rendezvous (and redocking if you’re skilled but it lacks RCS ports). Actually, the lander lacks most mod-cons, such as legs or any kind of shielding from the elements. It’s basically a set of fuel tanks with two engines which you strap a couple of willing Kerbals to.

Ascent Profile

After take off maintain 10 degrees pitch until surface speed is 400-450m/s and the pitch up to 15 degrees. Climb at this pitch until the rate of acceleration starts to drop and switch engine mode [AG:2] and pitch up to 20 degrees. Continue at this pitch until all the oxidizer is used up, then pitch back down to 15 and fire up the nuke engines. Then gradually reduce the pitch so when the Ap reaches 70km the pitch is zero. Continue to burn to 110km and then circularize as normal.

Once in LKO you should have around 2400 m/s dV spare which is enough to run a mission to Duna (tested), even with a fairly inefficient transfer and have plenty dV spare for the return trip (especially if you leave the lander behind).

The Duna Lander

Lander seems like a rather grand name for this ultra minimal contraption, but it will land and then has enough dV and TWR to return to orbit.

Deploy the chutes before entry so the open as soon as possible. They will slow you down to around 20-30m/s so some thrust from the engines will be needed at the last second before touch down. It lacks landing legs so be gentle! (oh and avoid slopes otherwise it becomes a toboggan).

When you are ready to return to orbit, stage to release the chute section (no need to lug them back up).

Pitch up hard as you fire up the engines (don’t want to slide this along the ground at any speed) and climb at around 75 degrees and then do the standard gravity turn thing….you know.

CT-4C-LR and CT-8-LR parked up at a Minmus base

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