by katateochi
uploaded 2016-12-02
(updated 2017-10-07)
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #crew-transport


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 98
  • Pure Stock

CT-32 LKO Crew Transporter

The big brother of the CT-8, able to bring 32 passengers (plus 4 flight crew) to an orbit of 350km (with enough fuel to perform station rendezvous and deorbit)

Reliable and very easy to fly!
(Can almost land itself ….,except when it can’t).

Haul all your tourists into space in one go (recommended for use with the Tourism Plus contract pack)


Take of and pitch up to 10 degrees. Maintain pitch until surface speed reaches 450m/s and then increase pitch to 15 degrees. Once rate of acceleration starts to drop switch engine mode [AG2]. Maintain 15 degree pitch. When the Ap reaches 65km drop the pitch to 0 degrees and continue the burn until Ap reaches 110km (it will fall back to 100km). Circularize as normal at 100km.
You should have ~915m/s dV spare once in orbit.


Select the docking port on the roof and set control from here. Action group 6 will toggle the docking port cover (and switch on some docking lights). Action group 7 will undock.


From a 350km orbit; Perform a 250m/s retrograde burn so that the orbit line intersects the Western foothills of the mountain range to the east of KSC.

As you hit the atmo set the pitch to 20 degrees. If using Mechjeb, turn off pitch control and just leave the SAS on with the pitch at 20. The craft will then handle itself, just let go of the controls, it knows what it’s doing!

When the vertical speed starts to increase again, tap F (once or twice) to bring the nose down to a pitch of 0. remain on this pitch until over the mountain range and then bring the nose down and aim for the runway.

As you start to near the runway deploy first set of flaps (AG4). On final approach you need to be going over 100m/s to maintain lift (may require throttling up a little).

As you approach the runway (and assuming a reasonable approach) deploy 2nd flaps (AG3) and if you time it right (you may need to toggle AG3 on/off to make slight adjustments) the craft will basically land itself….

…..you did put the landing gears down right?

example usage; station not included

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