KAH-2 Attack Helicopter
by jfrouleau
uploaded 2017-06-17
(updated 2017-12-26)
stock aircraft
#stock #helicopter #chopper


Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


Speed: 340 m/s
Range: 240 km
Lift: 70t (can be increased to 90t with collective)

For a longer range, replace the whiplash engines by wheesleys. The speed will drop to 205 m/s but the range will extend to 415 km, or add moar fuel.

Just like the KAH-1, this one can make 15g turns, loopings, barrel rolls, flying upside down, landing with no engine and many aerobatic maneuvers.

Differences with the KAH-1:

  • There was a slight pitch difference between the blades of the 2 rotors, now it’s corrected.
  • The forward engines are now whiplash instead of panthers.
  • The air intakes on the tail have been moved forward directly on the engines.
  • 2 more drop tank have been added.
  • 2 more reaction wheels have been added.
  • The rotor diameter has been reduced.
  • The tail is shorter and with a different shape.

The result is a faster and easier to control helicopter.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 133
  • Pure Stock

Below 150 m/s the pitch can be a little instable, use sas and accelerate until the aerodynamic forces stabilize the helicopter.

Collective pitch control

Prior to starting the engines, you can pin down the action menus for the top and down rotor blades and use the deploy slider as the collective control for the blades pitch. The helicopter will remain stable even if the 2 rotors don’t have the same pitch. The 0 is set to a slight angle so you can fly the helicopter and do everything you want without bothering with this slider is you don’t want to use it. If you use it however it provides a more responsive vertical speed control. Set the sliders to a negative value like -15 to remain on the ground with full throttle. When the rotor is at full speed, move the sliders up. Remember, 0 is the default lift value so a higher value will give you more lift but flying forward will be more difficult. If you click on another part and you lose the sliders, hit [ a couple of times till you get back on the helicopter. You should get your sliders back.

Update (06-17-2017):
Fixed drop tanks fuel priority
Put ladder on the side Kerbals choose to go out

Update (07-01-2017):
Disable pitch, yaw and roll on the rotor blades

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