Bell UH-1 Huey
by jfrouleau
uploaded 2017-07-26
(updated 2017-12-26)
stock aircraft
#helicopter #bell #uh-1 #huey

The Huey is the iconic helicopter from the Vietnam War. From the day I started making KSP helicopters, I knew I’d try to make one some day, and here it is ! It’s one of my favorite helicopter because of it’s historic role and because it reminds me of many movies and video games. So fly it while listening to your favorite Vietnam War era music and enjoy the ride !


Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.
With working tail rotor powerful enough to counter the main rotor torque.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 356
  • Pure Stock


Speed: 60 m/s
Range: 85 km
Flight duration: 25 min
Crew: 6


  1. Get your kerbals on board.
  2. Pin down the action menu for outermost blade of the main rotor.
  3. Stage to decouple the rotors and start the engines.
  4. Raise throttle to maximum.
  5. Wait for the rotors to reach their speed.
  6. Raise the blade slider to 30 to takeoff.
  7. This slider control the collective of the main rotor.
  8. Press 2 to toggle forward engine.
  9. While flying forward, be gentle on the controls to keep stability.
  10. After landing, you can put the slider to a negative value to help stabilize the helicopter.
  11. If you experience roll during horizontal flight, try adjusting the blade slider. A value of 35 seems good.
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