Space Shuttle
by jacktaka
uploaded 2016-05-03
stock ship

This is a fully stock space shuttle, mainly for lifting payloads that are too large in volume to sit on the top of a traditional rocket, and also conducting in-orbit assembly, in a partially reusable spacecraft. It is fully stock, easy to fly, reasonably low-cost, and has full translational and rotational RCS control.

Max payload to LKO: 18t

Cost: 38,000 after recovery of orbiter


-Ascent should be straightforward. At liftoff, SAS for some reason does not apply sufficient pitch to prevent the aircraft from pitching forward even though the KS-25’s provide sufficient pitch authority, so you must manually maintain attitude for some time.

-Be sure to cut the throttle and stage the boosters before they run dry, otherwise the booster engines will stop burning while the KS-25s continue, causing a violent downward pitch movement.

-During descent, use RCS to maintain an upward pitch of 45 degrees in order to prevent overheating. Failure to do this will result in loss of the crew and orbiter. It’s necessary to reserve around 150 units of fuel for a safe landing. The pitch-up maneuver can be reduced after slowing to 1000 m/s.

-During atmospheric flight after deorbiting, the aircraft is very maneuverable. Although the aircraft is aerodynamically stable, avoid high AoA-maneuvers because stalling tends to cause a potentially fatal flat spin.

-The abort group simultaneously detaches the boosters and shuts down their engines. This feature is not intended to be used but it may be useful in rare situations.

-WARNING: This spacecraft is intended to be used in low orbit only. Atmospheric reentry from beyond low orbit has not been tested.

-WARNING: Although this spacecraft could be useful for recovering payloads from LKO, the aerodynamic stability of the aircraft with significantly heavy payloads has not been tested.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 61
  • Pure Stock
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