STS-7E Space Shuttle
by inigma
uploaded 2015-05-11
(updated 2015-11-10)
stock ship
#NASA #Space #Shuttle #Shuttle #STS
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Tail air brakes:

Drogue chute:


Emergency parachute :


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 405
  • Pure Stock

Shuttle Orbiter Part Count: 143

Shuttle with External Tank and Boosters: Only 295 parts! (For reference, STS-1 was 286 parts).

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STS-7E Space Shuttle Ranger NEW as of 6/28/15! Built in KSP version 1.0.5.

UPDATE June 28, 2015: New STS-7/E (Lucky Number 7)
I present STS-7/E for your KSP 1.0.4 flying pleasure. Aero update for KSP 1.0.4., and reorientation in VAB fixed per workaround for current cargobay heating bug:
Also I un-edited SRB fuel amounts since 1.0.4 vastly improves SRB efficiency (so much so I also had to thrust limit them, even with the STS Fuel Pod!). No craft file magic with this one. Pure stock!

Flight profile not so much as I am still trying to figure out the best profile, but this thing screams into orbit. Just watch it. Fly it like a spaceplace after ditching boosters (cruise while around 65k) and you will be fine for a debris free orbital insertion.


This is an all-stock NASA space shuttle replica capable of lifting 0-42 tons to 400km orbit. It flies as-is for the heaviest payload, the STS Fuel Pod, but for lighter payloads, simply remove fuel from the lower external tank, and then the central external tank, in that order, if needed to balance the craft during launch. STS-7E features a slightly higher part count (297 for shuttle, boosters, and external tank) than STS-7, but sports solid rocket boosters for greater realism (oooh yeah!) - now you can say with all practicality, Ranger, you are go for throttle up! since to lift off with this bad boy you need to start with 2/3 throttle until after you complete your roll program, and then gun your Space Shuttle Main Engines to ride the solids in their natural curve up until separation.

If this STS is only 295 parts, why is the craft file 406 parts!?! Glad you asked! In this Extended version STS, you also get included the STS Elevator for ferrying up your Kerbals stock style, and the STS Fuel Pod which is a self contained orbital fuel depot that you can lift to 400km orbit…just because it can! All found in our STS Hangar as separate subassemblies, but included here for those looking for an all-in one package.

For a slightly lower 242 part count and easier handling liquid booster version (great for new players), check out the all-new STS-7 Space Shuttle. The orbiter vehicle is the same for both STS-7 and STS-7E, coming it at only 144 parts with an empty bay.

All STS versions feature recoverable boosters, air brakes for NASA style landings, drogue chutes after touchdown, and a cockpit parachute in case of unplanned rapid atmospheric disassembly, and are fully compatible with all of our KerbalX published STS Hangar Craft Files and Subassemblies.

This is one of the most beautiful NASA Space Shuttle replicas possible in stock KSP. Beauty, capability, and easy to load and fly… who would have thought such a craft possible?

Spacecraft Exchange Forum Thread

Please see the STS forum thread for flight profiles, as well as payload and fuel loading instructions.

Solid Boosters Baby, Oh Yeah!!


STS-6E and a KSP 1.0.4 Discovery:

STS-4 Showcase Film:


Cargo Rating

Maximum Rated Lifting Capability: STS Fuel Pod (42 tons) to 400km+ orbit and return.

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