STS-7 Space Shuttle
by inigma
uploaded 2015-01-27
(updated 2015-11-10)
stock ship
#space #shuttle, #shuttle, #NASA, #stock,
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Tail air brakes:

Drogue chute:

Features recoverable boosters:

Emergency parachute :


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 242
  • Pure Stock
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STS-7 Space Shuttle Yorktown NEW as of 6/28/15! Built in KSP version 1.0.5.

Aero update for KSP 1.0.4., and reorientation in VAB fixed per workaround for current cargobay heating bug:

This is an all-stock NASA space shuttle replica capable of lifting 0-42 tons to 400km orbit. It flies as-is for most light payloads. For heavier payloads, or to go higher, simply add more fuel to the central external tank, lower external tank, and boosters, in that order, if needed. STS-7 features a lower part count than all STS versions, sports easier handling gimbaled liquid boosters for new players to KSP.

For a slightly higher 297 part count solid rocket booster version, and therefore a slightly more realistic flight handling profile, check out the all-new STS-7E Space Shuttle. The orbiter vehicle is the same for both STS-7 and STS-7E, coming it at only 145 parts with an empty bay.

All STS versions feature recoverable boosters, air brakes for NASA style landings, drogue chutes after touchdown, and a cockpit parachute in case of unplanned rapid atmospheric disassembly, and are fully compatible with all of our KerbalX published STS Hangar Craft Files and Subassemblies.

This is one of the most beautiful NASA Space Shuttle replicas possible in stock KSP. Beauty, capability, and easy to load and fly… who would have thought such a craft possible?

Spacecraft Exchange Forum Thread

Please see the STS forum thread for flight profiles, as well as payload and fuel loading instructions.


STS-4 Showcase Film:


Cargo Rating

Maximum Rated Lifting Capability: STS Fuel Pod (42 tons) to 400km+ orbit and return.

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