STS Fuel Pod
by inigma
uploaded 2015-01-27
(updated 2015-01-30)
stock station
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  • Type: Subassembly
  • Class: station
  • Part Count: 28
  • Stock:
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42 Ton Fuel Pod for stations and ships. Can also act as a stand alone orbiting fuel depot. This autonomous subassembly comes with computer control, RCS, and docking ports for all your orbital liquid fuel servicing needs.

Intended for use with the STS Space Shuttle but can be carried and attached to any craft large enough to handle it. Attach this subassembly to the rear of the STS Space Shuttle bay, with the Jr. Docking Port facing up so the struts on the other side auto-strut to the cargo bay floor for you. It can launch as-is, but if you want to retrieve it later, or finish the install for a more secure flight, you will need to add a Sr. Docking Port to the forward section of the STS Space Shuttle bay and then attach this STS Fuel Pod subassembly.

This subassembly is the gold standard of cargo lifting capability, as most craft are rated against how well they can lift this pod into orbit. See! to compete with others using the STS Space Shuttle in an attempt to lift the STS Fuel Pod to the highest orbit, and return home without using its fuel.

STS Fuel Loading Instructions: Fill all External Tanks. Fill all Booster Tanks.

STS Launch Profile: 1. Roll straight up to 7k, tail facing ocean. 2. Pitch to 45 degrees by 15k, drop boosters when empty. 3. Cycle to falling boosters and deploy chutes separately then cycle back to shuttle (should maintain heading fine). 4. Pitch to 30 degrees by 40km. 5. Pitch to 0 degrees by 50km and roll belly down then pitch up immediately to 10 degrees. 6. Drop tank when empty or desired apoapsis. 7. Monopropellant OMS to orbit and deorbit.

A stock subassembly called STS Fuel Pod.

Built in KSP version 0.90.0.

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