I Am Still Looking For Suggestions!
by imll1
uploaded 2017-11-27
stock ship
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I am still looking for suggestions! If there is anything you want made, tell me in the comments of my Main Craft Suggestions Page Anything! If it’s useful, like a space tug, or cool, like a rocket that crashes at 50% the speed of light! If you can think it, I can try and make it. It might take me some time to upload your craft, so I will tell you when I start making it and when I’m done. If you tell me to upload instantly, I will. However, then the pictures and the description might not be great.

Batteries not included. IMLL1 Industries not responsible for any damage done to universe.

Please put suggestions on my Main Craft Suggestions Page instead of here!

To everyone who is wondering how I got that cool IVA, It’s a secret

This craft is proudly brought to you by IMLL1

Head on over to my Discord Server!
Tell me on my Suggestions Page what you want me to make!
Need help with anything (even stuff that’s not mine), go ahead and ask!

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