Help Desk
by imll1
uploaded 2018-01-12
stock station
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If you need any help fixing a craft, ask me in the comments. I can (most likely) fix any craft you have. My expertise is in old craft. If you find a craft that you cannot open, I will fix it for you. I can remove from a craft parts that come from an outdated mod. I can remove parts that the game just doesn’t recognize. Heck, I can even remove parts from Subassemblies if you need me to. I can chea- I mean enhance… Yes… Enhance…- any part you want. Have an engine that you want to be better? Got it! Need more fuel in a tank? Done! Need to make an engine gimbal more or less? Can-do! Any request you have, just ask! I would also love to beta-test craft that you are developing.
Put craft you want me to fix in my fixing hangar:
Or on my Discord Server
Standard messaging rates may apply

Make sure to include mods used in the craft when you submit it to me! Also please tell me what mods you are able to use, so I know I can use parts from those mods!

This craft is proudly brought to you by IMLL1

Tell me on my Suggestions Page what you want me to make!
Need help with anything (even stuff that’s not mine), go ahead and ask!

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