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stock probe
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Ingenious Millennial Labs was informed that KSC was nearly bankrupt. KSC said the needed a cheap rocket and probe to get to LKO, and perhaps inspire extra funding. IMLL went above and beyond. They delivered a joint rocket and exploration probe that has the capability to do a grand flyby mission, past every single body in the system. It was dubbed the CheapXplorer. The mission costs less than a measly 5,000 credits. When IMLL showed this to Bob Kerman, he was flabbergast. Bob had no idea how to improve such a flawless design, so he told Gene to get ready for the launch. As soon as the CheapXplorer was launched, everyone from the press was astounded, and kongress granted KSC extra funding.

If it weren’t for IMLL’s CheapXporer, we would not have a space program anymore. We owe them our lives! - Walt Kerman, KSC Public Relations

The CheapXplorer is a relatively easy craft to fly. To use, simply
0. Warp until transfer window
1. Roll it out to the launch pad
2. Turn on SAS
3. Stage quickly in order to avoid tipping
4. Once you reach 2.5 kilometers ASL, commence gravity turn (slowly)
5. Once the first stage is out of fuel, do not stage yet
6. When you have passed most of the atmosphere, stage the second stage engine
7. Increase throttle to 100%
8. Keep thrusting until apogee is above 70 kilometers.
9. Coast to apogee
10. Once near apogee, point prograde and burn.
11. Once fuel is depleted, coast to apogee again.
12. At apogee, activate the final stage
13. Congratulations! You are on an escape trajectory! Now try and stay pointing toward the sun.

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