Sabre MK3 3T to LKO
by iVG
uploaded 2015-04-29
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #stock
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 42
  • Stock:

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EDIT: The craft has been tested and confirmed to be able to carry 3 tonnes to orbit in the most recent version of KSP - 1.0.2

SSTO capable of pushing 1.2T to low Kerbin orbit with a crew of 2. Read Action groups!

Launch profile: Cruise to ~11 000 meters altitude flying below 300 m/s. Make sure you arrive at the target altitude with the nose pitched up around 20 degrees. At this point you should be slowly bleeding off speed. Time for some action - throttle up to 100 and slowly start dipping the nose down until you start gaining speed. Once the craft goes past Mach 1, pitch up aggressively and keep an eye on the temperatures (you can enable them by pressing alt+F12, physics, display temperature). Once past ~16km switch to orbital velocity and aim for 1km/s. Once you get past 25 km altitude, engines will start losing thrust and once the velocity starts dropping off, press ‘1’ to switch to closed cycle engine mode. Pitch up slightly and watch your Ap in map view (Kerbal Engineer recommended for Ap/Pa readings while flying outside map view). Once the ap is above 50km, point at the velocity vector and keep thrusting until Ap is ~75Km. At this point you should be left with reasonable amount of dV needed for circularization. Once in 75x75 orbit press 3 to start the fuel cell and perform needed orbital manoeuvres. There are 15 units of RCS fuel so spend them wisely. Deploy the cargo.

Re-entry: At 71Km above the surface pitch up to 25-30 degrees and enable SAS. Depending on your Pa (35Km recommended), you should start bleeding off speed but make sure you have the craft pitched up. If you need additional help with pitch control, right click on the airbrakes and enable pitch. Keep an eye on the cockpit temperatures (cockpit explodes at ~1800 degrees) and fully deploy airbrakes if temps go too high. Once temperatures stabilize, press ‘1’ to toggle engine mode and open intakes and fly as normal. Land at ~60m/s, again leave airbrakes with pitch control on if you need some extra pitch authority but beware you will bleed off speed much quicker this way. Land as normal.

Enjoy your SSTO :)

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.0. Working in 1.0.2

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