Falcon 4 Mk3
by iVG
uploaded 2015-07-01
(updated 2015-07-06)
stock spaceplane
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 93
  • Stock:
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30 tons to orbit SSTO, still WIP in most sub systems, make sure you transfer the remaining LF to the forward tank for stability during re-entry and add actions groups for the fuel cells and intakes. Usage of Rapier engines in closed cycle is not necessary, they are there to provide atmospheric thrust past Mach 3 where the Ramjet thrust declines rapidly. Right clicking and enabling pitch and yaw on the bottom airbrakes helps with stability during re-entry but will slow you down quite significantly so plan your descent appropriately.

Ascent profile with 30T cargo: 1. Enable the brakes and give the engines full thrust. 2. Disable the brakes and off you go. 3. Pitch up to ~10 degrees above the horizon and maintain full thrust while until your altitude is ~11km. At this point your speed should be just below Mach 1. 4. Tap ‘W’ key to pitch the nose down couple of degrees, the craft should start losing altitude and gaining some speed, fear not though as the increase in lift will push you up again. Watch your thrust build up and you should get past Mach 1. Stay at 10 degrees angle of attack. 5. At this point you should be going at ~1150m/s before the jet engines lose thrust to maintain the speed, at this point press space to ignite the Rhino and gently pitch up additional 5 degrees. Close the intakes and keep thrusting until your Ap is roughly 80km. Point Surface prograde to minimise drag and circularize.

There you have it, 30 metric tons to orbit using an SSTO

Descent profile

  1. At this point you should have a good amount of Dv left in the tank. Lower your Pe to 30km just above the KSC and top up your electric charge using the fuel cells. Pump all the remaining LF to the forward most fuel tank and enable pitch and yaw on the bottom airbrakes which will help with stability.
  2. Keep a reasonable angle of attack (10 to 15 degrees is fine) all the way until you reach the lower atmosphere.
  3. 3-4 Km above the surface disable the airbrakes and enable the engines (except the Rhino) to keep the speed above 100m/s, otherwise the craft will stall and you will fall to the ground as a rock. Don’t overdo it, 10-15% thrust should do.

Good luck!

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