Eeloo Surveyor
by iVG
uploaded 2015-05-06
mod rover
#Lander #Probe #Rover
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  • The craft has been tested and is able to produce the expected results. The only problem is power generation that far from the sun. You may need to consider placing an RTG or a small fuel cell on the rover to increase mobility.

  • You need cryogenic engines mod to swap the contents of the interplanetary stage fuel tank to liquid fuel only

  • Procedural fairing mod used for the interstage adapter between the main launcher and the interplanetary stage, top fairing is stock.

This is an unmanned vehicle capable of reaching and landing on most** (read below) bodies without atmosphere. There is an orbiter, lander stage and a small rover capable of self sustained science transmission from the surface. Science Jr. is not included but the capability is there if you need it, either attach it to the interplanetary stage instead of the girder or the orbiter.

As the name states, it is designed to be able to reach the furthest planet and land on it, hence the 4 gigantor solar panels strapped to the side as you won’t get much EC out there. You won’t need those panels if you are staying closer to the Sun.

Once you reach your target SOI adjust your inclination as soon as possible so you come over the poles. Perform orbital insertion burn to slow the craft down from interplanetary speed. By this point, you should be in low polar orbit around the body. Detach the orbiter and de-orbit the lander. Once landed safely, transmit all the science instruments from the stationary lander before detaching the rover as the antenna is located on the rover body. Detach the rover, slowly squeeze between the landing legs, apply brakes and extend the solar panels provided. Rover has been optimised for uneven surfaces as much as possible, there is static camber on the wheels which should provide further stability while turning. Do your science.

** The only bodies that fall outside the design specifications or the Lander are Tylo and Vall, however with careful manoeuvring and smart usage of the interplanetary stage, to help slow the craft down, it may be possible to land safely on those bodies. Only recommended for advanced players.

** The only body that fall outside of the design specifications of the Interplanetary stage is Moho due to the very high intercept velocity, depending on your approach, it may be up in the region of 6-7km/s which would require enormous amount of dV and much better thrust to weight ratio to be able to perform the insertion burn in time.

Happy landings! If you enjoyed this craft, make sure you click the like, leave a comment if you have any questions!

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  • ProceduralFairings
  • Squad (stock)

Cryogenic Engines Mod

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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 126
  • Mods: 2
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Interplanetary stage next to launcher vehicle for scale.

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Orbiter/Lander in flight position next to interplanetary stage for scale.

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Lander next to the orbiter detached for scale.

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Lander with rover detached.

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Orbiter only with antennae deployed.

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Interplanetary stage sitting on launch pad with solar panels deployed (beauty shot).

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