Dres Explorer Mk1
by iVG
uploaded 2015-05-06
stock ship
#Dres #Lander #Return #Ship
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ATTENTION: This mod requires Cryogenic Fuel Engines mod to be able to swap the Liquid Fuel/Oxydizer in the interplanetary stage for Liquid Fuel ONLY! Make sure you have that correctly configured!

Make sure you select the ‘Control from here’ on the Landing can while on the launch pad, otherwise your navball will be reversed. You can do that by zooming through the fairing and selecting the pod. Make sure your pilot is in that pod.

A stock 1.0.2 manned Dres ship capable of launching to orbit, intercepting Dres, landing 2 kerbals (1 stays in orbit) and returning to Kerbin safely. Recommended crew of 3, a pilot, scientist and engineer (for the Kerbal Engineer readouts). Make sure you initiate gravity turn early as the stage 0 boosters are really powerful. You should be able to stage the Mainsail stage once in parking orbit. The skipper is there to give you the initial 1km/s boost during the injection burn. Make sure you acount for that and start your burn ~4 minutes before the manoeuvre node. Once you stage the Skipper, your TWR drops a lot. Once in Dres SOI, plan your orbit insertion burn early as it would take you ~30 minutes of burn time (4x physics warp is acceptable, the craft won’t bend or snap).

Make sure you spam your science instruments and restore them with the scientist on board then leave the engineer or the second pilot if you have 2 pilots on board in orbit and take a scientist with you to the surface. Carefully land, preferably on the Lowlands biome as it is nice and flat there.

Once you have finished, head back and dock with the interplanetary stage. Transfer all the liquid fuel you have left in the lander and decouple, leaving only the command pod on top of the interplanetary stage. You are set for leaving Dres.

Once back in Kerbin SOI, set your aerobraking altitude (25Km should be fine), transfer all crew in the big pod and undock.

Good luck!

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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 113
  • Stock:
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The Dres Interplanetary stage next to the launcher for scale.

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The Dres Transfer/Return stage next to the lander for scale.

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Dres Lander with its service bay open and extended landing gear.

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