Viper SSTO VTOL Mark 6
by histalonia
uploaded 2017-03-11
stock spaceplane
#viper #ssto #vtol #bsg #carrier


Takeoff with SAS on. Climb at 45 degrees.
Slowly Level out at 10,000 m and increase speed to +500 m/s
Climb at 10-15 degrees and switch mode (3) when speed stops increasing.
1. Toggle VTOL engines.
2. Toggle main engines.
3. Toggle intakes & switch main engines mode.
4. Toggle docking port shield
5. Jettison SSTO Fuel Tanks
8. OPEN Main Parachutes.
9. Switch RAPIER mode only
0. Drogue Chutes
BKSP - Abort: drop tanks, drogue chutes, cut main engines.

A stock aircraft called Viper SSTO VTOL Mark 6. Built with 113 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 113
  • Pure Stock

Carrier Viper Spaceplane

SSTO from runway
(requires drop tanks, but you can leave them attached, still make orbit, and refuel)

Forward fuel tanks should be unlocked once in orbit.

Can land VTOL (press 5 to drop the side tanks first, unless fuel is low)

Balanced for docking maneuvers. Has a docking port and RCS.

Can fly at any roll angle, even upside down.

Excellent atmospheric maneuverability

Nose tanks should be unlocked once in orbit.

For beginners, slow down and then use the main chutes (8) to land

Reentry requires alternating from belly first, to nose first, to tail first and back again. You can do a direct nose first reentry, but you will probably loose the front air intake.

Landing is tricky; high stall speed and land gentle and level. The landing gear are delicate. If you have some rocket fuel left, try killing the main engines (2) and activating the VTOL engines (1) at low power. This will let you land at a much slower speed.

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