Kate 3 Starboard Bay
by histalonia
uploaded 2017-11-12
mod spaceplane
#Mid #Tech #Space #Carrier #Fighter


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 162
  • Mods: 2


  • MechJeb 2
  • Squad (stock)


Fighter Hab, 3 Kate Fighters (1XL), and 2 Micro Tugs

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.

  • Designed for Level 2 Buildings. No tech above level 7. Under 140 ton limit.
  • Designed for outfitting Hanger class carrier (Hanger Port Mk3s and Hanger Starboard Mk3s)
  • Kate Torpedo Fighters each carry two anti-capitol ship torpedoes.
  • Designed for use in space vacuum.


  • At 75 m/s pitch to 75 degrees. Then set prograde for a standard gravity turn ascent.
  • Direct ascent is not needed for this module.


  • The fighters are low on fuel to stay under the 140 ton limit.
  • Transfer fuel from the upper stage before ditching it.
  • Alternatively refuel the upper stage and fighters for a planetary transfer.

Recommended Mods

  • No mods are required. As with any carrier you will need to be comfortable with docking and transferring fuel to small fighter fuel tanks.

  • MechJeb2 or Kerbal Engineer (for delta V displays and Holman transfer calculations)

  • Navball_Docking_Alignment_Indicator_CE (more precise docking)

  • TacFuelBalancer (transferring fuel to all fighter fuel tanks in one go)

As Carrier Module

  • Crew quarters for 4. Three fighter pilots and a guest.
  • Includes 3 Kate Torpedo Fighter (2 medium range, 1 long range)
  • Designed for outfitting Hanger class carrier (Hanger Port Mk3s and Hanger Starboard Mk3s)
  • Carrier not required. Add stronger communications if going beyond Kerbin.


  • Prepare Starboard Bay before docking with Hanger Class Carrier
  • Move Orange RCS tanks on that side. Use micro tug, or transfer fuel out and jettison the tank.
  • The two extra stabilizers at the back of the bay can stay or be removed.
    • The bay is long enough if they are left in place and there is another large built-in stabilizer.
  • The module docks with the lone fighter near the center of the bay and the dual fighters with their canopies on the far starboard side of the bay. Launch the upper one with the micro drone, then your Kerbal pilot will be able to reach the lower one.
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