AquaJet 73 SSTO
by histalonia
uploaded 2020-01-01
stock spaceplane
#high #tech #ssto #sea #plane

Aqua Jet SSTO

Get to anywhere on Kerbin fast. Go into orbit and land in the water, on land, or back at the runway. Perfect for setting up new bases. Derived from Jolly Roger’s aircraft.


Liftoff, pitch to 19 degrees and set SAS. Climb until apoapsis is between 73 and 85 km. Coast to apoapsis and make circularization burn. When engines switch to closed cycle its about time to shutdown and coast.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 47
  • Pure Stock

Derived from Jolly Roger’s aircraft AquaJet-2b.

Flies like a dream. With so much power its easy to find yourself in Space.

Water landings

  • For smooth water landings set down with any speed below 80 m/s.


  • I created this SSTO variant some time ago when scouting the flooded craters in Before Kerbin

  • Front tank is locked for zero G balance. It may be used after reentry, but its rarely needed.
    For quite a bit more flight time, but 50 less delta V. Add 40 units of fuel to the rear side tanks and add 16 units to front tank (still keep it locked).

  • 73 is a radio code for best regards. - -… …- -

  • On orbit delta-V is about 100m/s at 73 km, 50m/s at 85 km.

  • At really high speeds Caps-Lock is your friend. For the Panthar variant, here is Jolly’s original AquaJet.

  • Changing the fuel load will change the balance and performance of this craft. Do so at your own risk

  • Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.7.3. Also works fine in KSP 1.8.1.

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