KerbalX Help

Verifying Your Email Address

KerbalX now requires you to verify the email address that you use to sign up with. There are two reasons for doing this;

  • It helps limit the number of 'fake' accounts that are created to post spam
  • It ensures that if you ever forget your password that you'll be able to recover it.

Verifying your email simply means the site will send an email to the address you used when you signed up. The email will contain a link (to KerbalX) that is unique to you and is only valid for 30 minutes. When you click that link the site then knows that you got the email and so the address is valid.

KerbalX takes user data and privacy very seriously. Your email is only used to enable you to log into the site or to recover your password if you forget it. Your email will never be disclosed to any 3rd party.

Trouble Verifying Email?

I've noticed that a lot of users have run into problems with the verification steps. The main cause of the problems are that the email you've provided is incorrect.
So here's what to do to make sure you are able to validate your email address.

If you are able to log in

  • Go to your settings page - click here
  • Under "Basic Details" check to make sure the email address entered is correct. (The address must be a valid email address, it cannot be a temporary/disposable address)
  • If it's not correct, change the address to your correct email address and hit save.
  • Make sure you are able to receive emails! In some cases verification mails are not getting through because the recipient mailbox is full or the account has been disabled.
  • Once you've made sure the address entered in settings is correct, click the "Send Email Verification Link" button (if your email has already been verified that button won't be shown)
  • Check your emails for one from KerbalX and click the link in the email.
  • All done!

If you can't log in and can't recover your password

If you have logged out of the site and are unable to log back in because you can't remember your password and don't have a valid email address entered in your settings then this is more of a problem. In this case please contact support either via email or DM me on the forums (link in the footer below). I can't guarantee I'll be able get you access again as without a valid email it's tricky to prove who you are. But contact me and we'll see if there are other ways to prove you are who you say you are!