by gordonf
uploaded 2018-04-29
(updated 2018-04-29)
mod spaceplane
#FAR #Eve #SSTO #Prototype


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 97
  • Mods: 2

Mods Needed:

Explodium Breathing Engines
Ferram Aerospace Research

A prototype single-stage-to-orbit craft for use on Eve with Alien Space Programs. Requires Ferram Aerospace Research and Explodium Breathing Engines. It’s a prototype only because it can’t carry cargo up to low Eve orbit yet.

Instructions: Hit the Brakes on runway load to deploy the explodium harvesters and still the craft. Set Flaps 2 with 9 key twice. Stage to start the harvesters and ignite the first four Beelzebub engines. Disengage the brakes.

Use your flaps to control your ascent; 9 to increase flaps, 0 to decrease them.

Slow-climb to 8 to 9 km, then Stage the second four Beelzebub engines. Start your speed run at 12 km up. Adjust flaps as needed to stay level or do a slow climb to 19 km up.

Climb to 19-20 km and get to at least 1 km/s. Using Kerbal Engineer will help; delta-v total should increase to near 3 km/s as oxidizer gets burned. You want to be at least 19 km up and 1000 m/s before delta-v starts going down; this is oxidizer needed by the rockets being used up.

Stage the Twin-Boar engines at 19 km up and 1000 m/s speed. Start pitching up, no more than 20 degrees. Get to 60 km AP minimum and reduce throttle. Close your orbit at AP; you should just have enough LFO to de-orbit and then have some OX remaining for flight after re-entry.

(NOTE: Alien Space Programs uses OhioBob’s Realistic Atmospheres, which reduces Eve’s ceiling to 55 km. It might be possible to do this in the Stock Eve atmosphere by climbing and starting your speed run much higher.)

To re-enter: Drop PE no lower than 39 km. Turn on the radiators (3) to try to protect your air brakes and orange tanks from overheating. This is no ordinary re-entry; you’re pulling Mach 15 and will get really hot really quickly. Use airbrakes sparingly. Avoid pitch greater than 20 degrees.

It is possible to slow down enough and not blow up… barely. This craft is a prototype for a reason!

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