Starblaster K Cargo
by gilflo
uploaded 2015-08-11
mod spaceplane
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A mod aircraft called Starblaster K Cargo. Built with 163 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Standard.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.4.

Orbit at 100km should let you 70-71% fuel, allowing you Mun orbit, satellite launching, Mun landing and take off and return on Kerbin with a 7T load in the hold under the belly

This Spaceplane has been design and tested with FAR flight integrator, but not tested in flight with FAR, because I do not use

FAR to fly du to a stock heating bug. So it flies very well in stock

The trick is to reach M 4.8 to 5 around 20000m so that your OPT J61 engines will give you maximum thrust and be working up to 40km because of speed giving them enough air, even if it’s rare, to produce thrust. If you succeed you won’t need RAPIER closed cycle.

I keep Oxy to burn on RAPIER for take of from planet or moons as RAPIER got gimbal you don’t have with nukes.

There is an afterburner mod I use from take off to M1.45 to deal with drag. You can get it here and easily add your engines in the config file if they are not added:!

Starblaster is equipped with Karbonite detector under belly, 2 Karbonite drillers deployed by means of Rails and Hinges from Infernal Robotics and with a Karbonite converter, situated in a hold behind the docking system. That means you are completely independent of any refueling station or refinery, provided you have launch a ScanSat satellite able to detect Karbonite so you can land, mine and refuel. A Karbonite tank is linked to the drillers

Spaceplane is modular.

You can replace cargo hold with MK2 passenger parts, you can remove Karbonite parts and hold and modify Karbonite tank.

Do not forget to check that each engine gets 2 shock cone intakes Air :

Use Mod Intake build air manually (F8) to distribute intake air, otherwise your OPT J61 will miss some air and will discontinue before 41km

You also need the mod Modular fuel tank to fill your tank with Fuel and remove Oxy

Fill all FT800 tanks with Fuel only. You can also Fill 2 FT400 tanks with Fuel and leave MK2 tanks with Fuel and Oxy.

Leave the central MK2 tank empty for Karbonite

That should give you a Take off weight of 101383 kg including 54700 Kg Fuel

Before Take off

Use of Pilot Assistant: HDG 90 VS 20 VS:20 puis L (show/hide PIDs Limit) >select AOA 35 to avoid lack of pitch authority when increasing to supersonic speed M>1.5

Fuel and Oxy BALANCED

Air Intake OPT J61 showing CLOSED STS (they will open with engine start and close with engine shut down) Air Intake RAPIER showing NOMINAL STS (they will close on switching closed cycle) Hit T to select ASS

Light RAPIER and OPT J61 (Hit 1 and 4) then Afterburner (Hit 5)

Take off and climb:

Rotate at 150m/s and let speed increase to 250, Increase smoothly VS to 200 and keep speed increasing to 300. You should hit this parameters by 6000m


Let speed increase and keep VS 200. You should pass 10000m around 400m/s M 1.3 Then release pitch to take VS 100 and gain speed

After M1.5, cut afterburner (hit 5), you don’t need it anymore as it sucks more fuel

Reaching M 3.0 around 14000m then you increase continuously pitch to set VS to 350

This bring you to M 3.8 VS 150 at 15000m

M 4.2 VS 220 around 16000m T° 1000

M 4.5 VS 280 around 17500m T° 1050

M 4.8 -4.9 VS 350 around 20000m and T° 1090 APO around 32km

Keep VS 350 land look at your RAPIER Thrust which is decreasing

M 5.2 at 22600m and T° 1100 - RAPIER Thrust<50 APO around 36km

Around 24000m switch RAPIER to closed cycle, this will shut down RAPIER air intake

By the same time Select NUKE (hit 3) and switch off RAPIER, so you won’t use Oxy

Select your OPT J61 engines to look thrust

At 27000m with OPT J61 and 4 Nukes you still accelerating Mach is around 5.5 and APO 44km

At 28000m switch off PA and select Mechjeb ascent Turn shape 45%

or keep Pilot assistant VS around 320 and you should reach 40000m M 5.5 APO 61km and still some thrust on OPT J61 (55kN) and T° is decreasing now

Between 40000m and 43000 m OPT J61 engine thrust will decrease du to lack of air so you can switch them to close air intakes

Continue on NUKE selecting turn shape 35% reaching 45000m, or burning to prograde manually.

By this time APO should be around 65Km

Orbit at 100km should let you 70-71% fuel, allowing you Mun orbit, satellite launching, Mun landing and take off and return on Kerbin

Re entry

Select a 43km Periapsis around Kerbin to lower your APO. You could get a heating bang at the first pass, but no damage, then following passes at Peri will be ok for temp, decreasing your Apo

Be careful with time warp (never 4 under 70km)

Under 30000m select pilot assistant and smoothly decrease VS to be 0 by 20000m so as to decrease speed, then relight RAPIER and OPT J 61

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  • Adjustable Landing Gear
  • Atomic Age
  • KW Rocketry
  • Karbonite
  • Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics
  • MechJeb 2
  • OPT Space Plane Parts
  • Protractor
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 163
  • Mods: 10
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